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(Fun Remix)If i could
(Fun Remix)If i couldJust trying out new voices and alter egos. views: 312
a pic before I became an adult.
a pic before I became an adult.views: 116
Don't Cry
Don't CryThis is a song to all those sad chicks in the movies. (especially the Korean ones) Voyce on the chorus. Beat is again by the talented Beatstorage.comments: 2views: 633
Drown Myself N Tears
Drown Myself N TearsI get the previlage of working with Pa Moua from fresno on this song. This song is more like her featuring me. Beat by Beatstorageviews: 234
Haiya!!!I miss saying "haiya" from when i was a kid. Beat was by VTZ.views: 333
Hater Hata
Hater HataDon't u just hate haters? VTZ made the beat.comments: 1views: 167
If i could
If i couldi don't forgot what this song is about. KinesusBeats views: 129
If Only U Knew
If Only U KnewVoyce and I performed this at Fresno Waterfestival (07)
I didn't know the beat was already used until it was too late. I have no idea who gets the credit for this beat, but i got it from Kinesus Beats.
views: 158
Lollipop Remix
Lollipop Remixviews: 178
Mus Tsis Tau (can't go on)
Mus Tsis Tau (can't go on)Anti-Gangster rap. Thanks to KinesusBeats for this opportunity.views: 146
Salei Vaan
Salei Vaanthis is more of a joke song. hehe. Abnotic Records with the beat.views: 116
Shake That Booty
Shake That BootyMy second song ever. Started this music thing with this beat from Abnotic Records. views: 120
Steven X. Yang: Upcoming Hmong Pop/Soul Artist
Steven X. Yang: Upcoming Hmong Pop/Soul ArtistSteven X. Yang is a Hmong vocalist and bass guitarist from San Diego, California U.S.A.

After his brief collaboration in 2007-2008 as bassist and vocalist for Tsaus Ntuj Nti ~ Hmong American Rock N' Roll, Steven went on to be mentored by American Pop/R&B/Soul Artist Joey Pearson and renowned Hmong Lyricist Houa Yang.

Steven classifies himself as a Pop/Soul singer and is working on his first single as a Hmong American solo artist to debut in Fall of 2009.

His official web site will launch in late Spring of 2009!!! For inquiries, Steven can be contacted at:
views: 111
Tseem Nco Koj (Still Miss You)
Tseem Nco Koj (Still Miss You)Voyce and Jay-Wai again. This is a remix of our first song together ever. Beat by Beatstorage.views: 206
Ua Tsaug Rau Koj (Thank you to you)
Ua Tsaug Rau Koj (Thank you to you)This is a Thank You song to someone, whether he or she is more than a friend or not. Credit to the beat goes to Beatstorage.views: 452
Vim Lis Cas?
Vim Lis Cas?The most hmongest song I've ever made. Beat produced by Sean Divine.comments: 1views: 257
Zaj Pee Ntawm Nob
Zaj Pee Ntawm Nobthis is a slow dance song. Beat by Abnotic Recordsviews: 308
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