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Drown Myself N Tears
Drown Myself N TearsI get the previlage of working with Pa Moua from fresno on this song. This song is more like her featuring me. Beat by Beatstorageviews: 234
Hlub Qhuav Qhawv
Hlub Qhuav QhawvTou Moua Kongviews: 992
Hlub Tshaj Puas Tsav Yam
Hlub Tshaj Puas Tsav YamTou Moua Kongcomments: 3views: 1847
Just For Love - moua patrice
Just For Love - moua patricecomments: 18views: 2647
Koj Nyob Qhov Twg
Koj Nyob Qhov TwgTou Moua Kongviews: 1014
Kuv Sev
Kuv SevTou Moua Kongviews: 840
Lao Moua V2 06 Ntshaw koj lo lus zoo
Lao Moua V2 06 Ntshaw koj lo lus zooviews: 335
Logo & Duce Khan - Hmoob Mis Kas [Ft. Cua Moua]
Logo & Duce Khan - Hmoob Mis Kas [Ft. Cua Moua]views: 603
Mai Moua Thao - Koj Yeej Tsis Xav Hlub
Mai Moua Thao - Koj Yeej Tsis Xav Hlubviews: 306
Matters of the Mind and Heart
Matters of the Mind and HeartBy Mona Moua

Mental health is a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community. Mental health conditions can include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, parent-child relational issues, addictions, and many others. (WHO, 2010)

Kaj Siab Songs for Mental Health Wellness is a free compilation album created by Hmong American Partnership with songs by Hmong-Minnesotan artists. The goal of the album is to increase awareness of mental health and promote good mental health in the Hmong community. Artists were invited to contribute a song related to the project goal. The songs in this album were selected by a panel composed of musicians, health professionals, and staff members at Hmong American Partnership.

Kaj Siab means peaceful, or joyful in Hmong. Kaj Siab Songs for Mental Health Wellness is a music project of Hmong American Partnership (HAP) and is made possible by the Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative of the Minnesota Department of Health.

Album released on June 5, 2010
Download the entire album free at
views: 136
Nao Mok Mouang Noue
Nao Mok Mouang Nouecomments: 1views: 228
Nkauj Txhav Qaib Nraug Txhav Noog
Nkauj Txhav Qaib Nraug Txhav NoogTou Moua Kongviews: 684
Pom Luag Muaj Txij Nkawm
Pom Luag Muaj Txij NkawmTou Moua Kongviews: 675
Roob Kub Twm Chaw Nco
Roob Kub Twm Chaw NcoTou Moua Kongcomments: 3views: 891
tougermouaNinavol6comments: 2views: 868
Tseem Tos Nkauj Hmoob USA
Tseem Tos Nkauj Hmoob USATou Moua Kongviews: 1608
Tsis Paub Lus Amesliskas
Tsis Paub Lus AmesliskasTou Moua Kongviews: 691
Tsis Xav Tias Koj Dag
Tsis Xav Tias Koj DagTou Moua Kongviews: 502
Ua Haum Vag ya
Ua Haum Vag yaTou Moua Kongviews: 463
Vauv Duav Khov
Vauv Duav KhovTou Moua Kongcomments: 3views: 642
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