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06 - Wind In The Sea Of My Heart
06 - Wind In The Sea Of My Heartcomments: 1views: 2151
08 - Broken Heart 4 Sale
08 - Broken Heart 4 Saleviews: 245
09 - Only In My Heart
09 - Only In My Heartcomments: 1views: 465
11 - Heartache s Heartbreak
11 - Heartache s Heartbreakviews: 1066
Dancing In My Heart
Dancing In My Heartviews: 343
GoodbyeGoodbye and I'll love inside my heartviews: 197
Jackie Chan-So Clear Is My Heart
Jackie Chan-So Clear Is My Heartviews: 53
Kanye West - Heartless
Kanye West - Heartlesscomments: 1views: 215
Key To My Heart
Key To My Heartcomments: 3views: 1826
Kua muag poob 2 zaug
Kua muag poob 2 zaughm... a song that i heart..lmao
views: 558
lub neej txias siab
lub neej txias siabbroken heartviews: 108
Lub siab tsis zoo li
Lub siab tsis zoo liThe song is by Koungla Vang.
The english version is in fact "It dont get no better" by Mac G. He composed her music so she did not simpily copy the song. Please Support!!!!
comments: 2views: 416
Matters of the Mind and Heart
Matters of the Mind and HeartBy Mona Moua

Mental health is a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community. Mental health conditions can include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, parent-child relational issues, addictions, and many others. (WHO, 2010)

Kaj Siab Songs for Mental Health Wellness is a free compilation album created by Hmong American Partnership with songs by Hmong-Minnesotan artists. The goal of the album is to increase awareness of mental health and promote good mental health in the Hmong community. Artists were invited to contribute a song related to the project goal. The songs in this album were selected by a panel composed of musicians, health professionals, and staff members at Hmong American Partnership.

Kaj Siab means peaceful, or joyful in Hmong. Kaj Siab Songs for Mental Health Wellness is a music project of Hmong American Partnership (HAP) and is made possible by the Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative of the Minnesota Department of Health.

Album released on June 5, 2010
Download the entire album free at
views: 106
Message From My Heart
Message From My Heartviews: 179
My Heart Will Go On (hmong)
My Heart Will Go On (hmong)Patrice views: 286
On Heart Beat Away
On Heart Beat Awayviews: 1371
one heart beat away
one heart beat awaycomments: 1views: 210
One Heart Beat Away
One Heart Beat Awayviews: 1316
stoneheartsviews: 415
Take_me_to_your_heart_guitar_coverviews: 276
Teb Kuv - Jade (Houa) Lee
Teb Kuv - Jade (Houa) LeeJade Lee's Album 3 Faces of My Heartviews: 107
Waiting Heart
Waiting Heartviews: 179
With All My Heart
With All My Heartviews: 137
Within My Heart
Within My Heartcomments: 6views: 2316
You re Breaking My Heart Girl
You re Breaking My Heart Girlviews: 1979
you're always in my heart no matter the distance between us...
you're always in my heart no matter the distance between us...views: 30
Young Master Heart
Young Master Heartasfasdviews: 60
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