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Search results - "evol"
01 evolution
01 evolutionviews: 1090
02 evolution
02 evolutionviews: 719
03 evolution
03 evolutionviews: 634
04 evolution
04 evolutioncomments: 2views: 886
05 evolution
05 evolutionviews: 482
06 evolution
06 evolutionviews: 345
07 evolution
07 evolutioncomments: 1views: 351
08 evolution
08 evolutioncomments: 1views: 573
09 evolution
09 evolutionviews: 307
100 Tsav Yam
100 Tsav Yamviews: 173
bounmeeleevolviews: 873
Evol - I Like You Long Time
Evol - I Like You Long Timecomments: 2views: 761
Evol - Txhob Hloov Siab
Evol - Txhob Hloov Siabfrom album 2comments: 1views: 473
Evol Memories Cover
Evol Memories Coverviews: 97
Goodbyecomments: 1views: 115
Hlub Ib Vuag
Hlub Ib Vuagviews: 110
Hnub No
Hnub Noviews: 129
Lao history and modern revolution
Lao history and modern revolutionThis video is for those who don't like to stare at book or written paper document. A music reading adventure of Lao history and its revolution.views: 71
Memoriesviews: 244
MusMy favorite one from this albumviews: 189
Nyias Mus Nyias
Nyias Mus Nyiasviews: 90
Sometimesviews: 75
Tsi Muaj Tug
Tsi Muaj Tugviews: 63
Ua Ntej Koj Mus
Ua Ntej Koj Musviews: 80
Vang Pao and the secret war, The Hmong Quest for Freedom English Version
Vang Pao and the secret war, The Hmong Quest for Freedom English VersionThis is Hmong documentary production about how the Hmong were turned from a self-sufficient society to a helpless society who had to turn to the CIA and Vang Pao for survival. During the thieves rule, women were kidnapped, oppressed, and robbed. The revolutionaries worked really hard to get rid of those days and succeeded.views: 81
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