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"Club Banga"-Prophecy the eMCee
"Club Banga"-Prophecy the eMCeemy very first performance...somewhere at the end of 08' in Hickory, homies DJ SHU and DJ Onpoint invited me it was fun i think i would of done better if i'd wait till after to start drinking...hahaha...enjoy and please no hatersviews: 142
*Chubby Cheeks*
*Chubby Cheeks**Beatiful*views: 36
*Hmmm**Wat Am I Thinking?*views: 32
01 - Ib Nathis
01 - Ib Nathiscomments: 1views: 722
01 What You Gonna Say
01 What You Gonna Sayviews: 506
02  Throw It Up (feat  Skitzo
02 Throw It Up (feat Skitzoviews: 545
02 - Father S Day
02 - Father S Dayviews: 268
02 - What Are You Doing Tonight
02 - What Are You Doing Tonightcomments: 1views: 630
02 The Invitation
02 The Invitation feat Pownda and Noone Dailyviews: 193
03  Playerette s Ball (feat  Yavellie
03 Playerette s Ball (feat Yavellieviews: 459
03 - Hlub Koj Nyob Seattle
03 - Hlub Koj Nyob Seattleviews: 700
03 - Y Y  Calculator
03 - Y Y Calculatorcomments: 4views: 619
03 Track 3 Riam Yaj - Cas tsis ntxov qhia
03 Track 3 Riam Yaj - Cas tsis ntxov qhiaThis song is for all the girl that wasn't love real
and it is a good song to listen to
comments: 1views: 507
04  Shaolin Whatt!!
04 Shaolin Whatt!!comments: 1views: 804
04 Step Your Game Up
04 Step Your Game Upfeat Powndaviews: 172
04 The Wrath Of Hmong
04 The Wrath Of Hmongviews: 823
05  A Better Life (feat  Kang)
05 A Better Life (feat Kang)views: 806
05 - Keep Breathing
05 - Keep Breathingcomments: 1views: 620
05 My Father And I
05 My Father And Iviews: 615
05 Watch Over Me
05 Watch Over Meviews: 170
06 - Are You Feeling Me (feat  Beaver)
06 - Are You Feeling Me (feat Beaver)views: 501
06 - look At Me Now
06 - look At Me Nowviews: 252
06 What You Wanna Do
06 What You Wanna Doviews: 710
07  Chyna Doll (Joe Feat  Mai Lee
07 Chyna Doll (Joe Feat Mai Leecomments: 2views: 775
07 - All That I Ask
07 - All That I Askviews: 199
08 - What She s After
08 - What She s Afterviews: 521
10 Tsis Khes
10 Tsis Khes feat Xai Leeviews: 201
11 Cupid Came Late
11 Cupid Came Lateviews: 113
12 We Got it Like That
12 We Got it Like Thatviews: 381
13 Life And Death Situation
13 Life And Death Situationcomments: 1views: 531
2U-Breathe Again 01
2U-Breathe Again 01views: 1381
2U-Breathe Again 02
2U-Breathe Again 02views: 793
2U-Breathe Again 03
2U-Breathe Again 03comments: 1views: 560
2U-Breathe Again 04
2U-Breathe Again 04views: 400
2U-Breathe Again 05
2U-Breathe Again 05views: 431
6 Uatsaug
6 Uatsaugviews: 275
A Night To Celebrate
A Night To Celebrateviews: 359
Action Pack Metaphors
Action Pack Metaphorsjust something that i thought was fun and kool, check out the freestyle and collage..views: 101
Action Pack Metaphors-Prophecy the eMCee(freestyle)
Action Pack Metaphors-Prophecy the eMCee(freestyle)just something that i thought was fun and kool, check out the freestyle and collage..views: 159
Alison Krauss-When You Say Nothing At All
Alison Krauss-When You Say Nothing At Allviews: 173
All That I Am
All That I Amviews: 1265
Alleuia, tas nej sawv daws
Alleuia, tas nej sawv dawsNkauj teev Ntuj Hmoob Catholicviews: 220
Another Lost One
Another Lost Oneby Tousaiko Lee

Mental health is a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community. Mental health conditions can include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, parent-child relational issues, addictions, and many others. (WHO, 2010)

Kaj Siab Songs for Mental Health Wellness is a free compilation album created by Hmong American Partnership with songs by Hmong-Minnesotan artists. The goal of the album is to increase awareness of mental health and promote good mental health in the Hmong community. Artists were invited to contribute a song related to the project goal. The songs in this album were selected by a panel composed of musicians, health professionals, and staff members at Hmong American Partnership.

Kaj Siab means peaceful, or joyful in Hmong. Kaj Siab Songs for Mental Health Wellness is a music project of Hmong American Partnership (HAP) and is made possible by the Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative of the Minnesota Department of Health.

Album released on June 5, 2010
Download the entire album free at
views: 629
Appreciateviews: 417
At Dolphin's Bay-Shiroi Yuki
At Dolphin's Bay-Shiroi Yuki Kokia-Shiro Yukicomments: 1views: 202
B4 - Hnub No (feat  Wa Yang)
B4 - Hnub No (feat Wa Yang)comments: 1views: 455
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