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03 Track 03
03 Track 03comments: 7views: 197301/27/15 at 10:52gearbear46: all his music he put the same lyrics in it
Xav Raws Ncuj Nciav
Xav Raws Ncuj Nciavcomments: 1views: 41001/14/15 at 17:18yajmy: love this song.
Tej Ntxhais Tshiab
Tej Ntxhais Tshiabcomments: 1views: 28601/14/15 at 17:10yajmy: funny song.
Rov Los Dab Tsi
Rov Los Dab Tsicomments: 1views: 36501/14/15 at 17:08yajmy: nice lyrics
Siab Coob
Siab Coobcomments: 3views: 135601/14/15 at 16:05yajmy: why it sounds funny.
Koj Puas Hlub KuvTag
Koj Puas Hlub KuvTagcomments: 7views: 418001/14/15 at 12:17ehughes0213:
04 - Nyias Mus Raws Nyias Txoj Hmoo
04 - Nyias Mus Raws Nyias Txoj Hmoocomments: 8views: 113001/02/15 at 19:14yajmy: all of her songs are copied from Thai songs.
09 - Nyuj Laug Noj Zaub Mos
09 - Nyuj Laug Noj Zaub Moscomments: 1views: 67501/02/15 at 19:11yajmy: funny song.
02 - Txhob Show Ber Xwb
02 - Txhob Show Ber Xwbcomments: 1views: 121001/02/15 at 19:09yajmy: i don't understand show ber?
Track 04
Track 04comments: 2views: 61001/02/15 at 18:34yajmy: love this song.
06 - Yog Koj Yog Kuv Tus
06 - Yog Koj Yog Kuv Tuscomments: 1views: 49001/02/15 at 18:29yajmy: not bad. i love the Thai version so much
04 - Koj Yog Tus Kuv Nrhiav
04 - Koj Yog Tus Kuv Nrhiavcomments: 1views: 58401/02/15 at 18:27yajmy: love this song.
10 - Txhob Tso Lus Hmoob
10 - Txhob Tso Lus Hmoobcomments: 2views: 46501/02/15 at 18:16yajmy: she doesn't sing anymore?
08 - Tsis Tha Xaj Maim
08 - Tsis Tha Xaj Maimcomments: 1views: 27301/02/15 at 18:13yajmy: funny song.
03 - Nyob li cas
03 - Nyob li cascomments: 2views: 47812/26/14 at 08:09xx227xx: memories!
I Cry
I Crycomments: 7views: 377012/26/14 at 06:33kuvxwbmas: Touly copied this too!!!
I Cry
I Crycomments: 7views: 377012/25/14 at 11:06mathewxiong: Hey Tou Hur, Make your own music then huh? At leas...
hlub thawj zaug
hlub thawj zaugcomments: 4views: 72312/25/14 at 00:08unknownhmongboi100: I remember seeing.. I think Nicky Wu sing this son...
02 - Yav Hais Li Ca
02 - Yav Hais Li Cacomments: 2views: 35512/23/14 at 10:16Petersingle: lovin it!
Cev Nkauj Txhob Nkim Rau Koj
Cev Nkauj Txhob Nkim Rau Kojcomments: 2views: 38412/22/14 at 09:54xiongthaos: zoo kawg
Track 1
Track 1comments: 2views: 111812/21/14 at 13:37ImTheAsianDude: Does anyone know the name of this song?
04-AudioTrack 04
04-AudioTrack 04comments: 6views: 156812/19/14 at 00:35kmy: Reminds me of traveling out of town for Hmong New ...
08 - Xav Rov Qab
08 - Xav Rov Qabcomments: 2views: 35212/18/14 at 01:55MasHawj82:
hmo no los las voos
hmo no los las vooscomments: 1views: 89312/16/14 at 17:23yajmy: great song for party. i don't think i ever hea...
08 - Txwj nkawm
08 - Txwj nkawmcomments: 1views: 34612/16/14 at 17:19yajmy: the title is wrong for this song.
Nub Pojniam Tso - Bao Lee
Nub Pojniam Tso - Bao Leecomments: 1views: 36612/15/14 at 18:10yajmy: never ok
Niam Hlob OK - Luj Yaj
Niam Hlob OK - Luj Yajcomments: 1views: 46512/15/14 at 17:46yajmy: over my dead body!
Leej Nus Rau Kau Khiab (guy version)
Leej Nus Rau Kau Khiab (guy version)comments: 12views: 232012/15/14 at 17:11yajmy: not bad
04 - Ntsia Nws Seb
04 - Ntsia Nws Sebcomments: 3views: 54312/10/14 at 18:37yajmy: i just wrote the lyrics...
Tsis Xav Pom Koj
Tsis Xav Pom Kojcomments: 4views: 82812/04/14 at 19:03hmong_foshizzle: Their Hmong f*cking SUCKS!!
Txais Tos Xyoo Tshiab
Txais Tos Xyoo Tshiabcomments: 6views: 267911/23/14 at 01:19kmy: This song is KING, period. Best new year song in h...
Sib Cuag Tsis Tau
Sib Cuag Tsis Taucomments: 4views: 139611/23/14 at 01:12kmy: wow, nothing like it. Lovely.
Koj Nyob Qhov Twg
Koj Nyob Qhov Twgcomments: 1views: 104811/23/14 at 01:07kmy: These classic is so strongly touching.
05 Track 5
05 Track 5comments: 2views: 101811/22/14 at 17:47johnvue12: "Hlub Tus Siab Ncaj" By: Mee Vang
02 - Khaw Tog
02 - Khaw Togcomments: 8views: 368111/12/14 at 00:33kmy: Very deep meanings. I miss my gf...she's from ...
Track 08
Track 08comments: 3views: 86811/09/14 at 21:20kmy: Sounds like.....MORTAL COMBAAAAAAAAAT!!! lalaladad...
06 Ib pob mij
06 Ib pob mijcomments: 2views: 71110/30/14 at 15:55chinkiexiong: who still listen to his song in 2014?
8 - Txij Thaum Ntshib Koj
8 - Txij Thaum Ntshib Kojcomments: 3views: 70410/28/14 at 07:03kawm87: nco yav tag los thaum tseem sib hlub
03 - Vim Koj Tsis Ntseeg Kuv
03 - Vim Koj Tsis Ntseeg Kuvcomments: 2views: 114710/27/14 at 08:41kawm87: nco yav tag los thaum tseem sib hlub
03 - Tsis xav nrug
03 - Tsis xav nrugcomments: 2views: 107810/17/14 at 06:54pisetxiong: I love dis song soooooooooo much. Dedicate to my l...
02 - Thov Muab Sij Hawm Rau Kuv
02 - Thov Muab Sij Hawm Rau Kuvcomments: 1views: 106010/09/14 at 19:32Htiaf18: :...
Hlub Nkauj Tojsiab
Hlub Nkauj Tojsiabcomments: 1views: 75010/05/14 at 15:48krypptikksoulslayer: An awesome song sing by a great singer!!
06 - Tus Koj Hlub Tsis Yog Kuv
06 - Tus Koj Hlub Tsis Yog Kuvcomments: 1views: 60710/05/14 at 12:35semperfi89: sad song
08 - Tsum
08 - Tsumcomments: 4views: 45610/04/14 at 16:12dentaljessica: i don't want to dig up old message but why can...
14 Tso Kuv Mus
14 Tso Kuv Muscomments: 1views: 35110/03/14 at 13:00casey2: Love this song
10 Ua Siab Tso Tseg
10 Ua Siab Tso Tsegcomments: 1views: 72210/03/14 at 12:57casey2: Love this song
yij meem siab paab
yij meem siab paabcomments: 2views: 47010/02/14 at 12:30Dlaadlawb:
01-AudioTrack 01
01-AudioTrack 01comments: 23views: 476709/28/14 at 22:49casey2: Beautiful song...
Siab Coob
Siab Coobcomments: 3views: 135609/28/14 at 22:33casey2: So true
Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov Twg
Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov TwgTo the one who was looking for this song. I hope you'll find your way here or had already found it elsewhere.comments: 7views: 389309/28/14 at 22:32casey2: Love this song
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