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Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:57 pm

seems like the boss said we can leave work early today. Gonna make some update to two more site then it will be my time to drive home. Hopefully the traffic right now is not so bad.

-- we saw the Pho Challenge at: http://phogardensf.com/page.php?Page=team


For all of you pho lovers. Your opportunity has arrived. The biggest bowl of Pho you could ever get your hands on.! Do you think you have what it takes to beat the Pho Garden Challenge? Three large bowls of "Pho Garden (Xe Lua)" in one massive bowl. Containing 2 pounds of noodles and 2 pounds of combination beef with tripe.

It's on us if you can finish this huge bowl of pho within 60 minutes!

Plus we hang an 8x10in personal photo of you on our wall of Pho Garden Champions. The meal cost $22 if unfinished within the alloted time. No substitutions of any food products may be made. Challengers must eat all noodles and combination beef with tripe to successfully beat the Pho Garden Challenge. Please view our Rules & Waiver of Liability Form for more details.

So we went to visit the pho place in Temecula down the street from where we work to practice. A co-worker ate two bowls of pho. But I only have a bowl of qhaub poob ntse sweet and sour sauce only.

-the ride home today was hot.
-it was almost as if i was showering on my bike Smile
-first time to have got home from work before 5PM Smile

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