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Hmong History Poem

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Some more poems f...
Hmong History Poem
What can bring lo...

PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:38 am    Post subject: Hmong History Poem Reply with quote
Hmong History Chapter Poem
By: Jyne Xiong

Before I begin my poem writing,
I would really like to share something.
What I write is base on my opinion and what I think,
So please donít believe my writing and make your brain sink.
If you happen to believe in at least some,
Iíll just thank you that my writing is just some what fun.
But if you happen to believe in all,
Than I donít know what my thoughts would have been be call.
But this writing is base on my study of Hmong culture,
What I have learn that my crazy brain have devoir.
Never to believe in what I write is best,
It may not be the truth and I may not know about the Hmong past.
But please do enjoy my poem writing,
I have put a lot of hard work and a lot of thinking.
I also thank you for your time,
The time you will take to read my writing and being kind
I would like to invite all of you to become my friend,
I love to make a lots of new friends till I end.
I think itís a gift to have a lots of friend,
That I can share a part of my world with them.
If there is anything wrong or just a comment, just e-mail me,
I will try my best to make what you see.
Thank you for your time here being,
Also thank you for reading^_^

Chapter one
ď The war that we Hmong have never wonĒ

It was so long ago,
Most of us never really did know.
How our culture become Hmong in the first place,
That is something more we must study in order to ace.
We were living along side with the Chinese,
Back than there was at least something called peace.
The Hmong was said to be living near the yellow river,
Thinking that their love of life there is going to be forever.
Soon the Chinese see that wonderful life and wanted that peaceful land,
They would just want to force it out of the Hmong peopleís hand.
Therefore a war between the Hmong and Chinese have to start,
To put their difference in once as the same in human apart.
This war have been fought for days, months, and years,
The ending of this war is not coming near.
Off course the Hmong peoples were out number,
But the numbers to them doesnít really matter.
You can guess what the Chinese have done,
To make this war for them a lot more fun.
Meanwhile the Hmong men are training for war in the mountain range,
The way of life in the Hmong village have change.
While the woman and children were preparing supports for the man in the village,
The Chinese seen this as a big really advantage.
They would come to torture, kill and for the Hmong woman is getting rape,
For those Hmong, there is only death, to be caught as slaves and there is no escape.
The Hmong people old or young,
The Chinese will see what they do is nothing wrong.
Some of those Hmong girls are as young as ten,
They were rape and than been capture as slaves by their hand.
The Hmong leader just have to do something,
He canít just sit around letting this keep on happening.
Decide in his mind to fight back as hard as he can,
Until his last day of his life that he would stand.
The war have rages on harder and farther,
For the Hmong, they have become more of the loser.
With more fewer men and mainly less technology,
They need a lots of well plane ideas and some new strategy.
So they decide to fight only on those rainy day,
To make sure winning is coming on their way.
On those days the Chinese canons wonít work by getting wet,
Thatís the only thing the Chinese count on when calling an attack.
By attacking on raining days for months and days,
The Hmong peopleís plan finally came out and pays.
The winning of the war was now on the Hmong peopleís side,
Now itís the Chinese time to run and hide.
Nothing more the Hmong people would want to plan or do,
Thinking the war was won, they just wait and stay still like a bunch of fool.

Soon the Chinese came up with a thoughtful plan,
That plane is what will hit the Hmong people from outside in.
They have try to get their hand as close as they can to the Hmong leader,
Making sure his life will not go on this war forever.
So they use a really beautiful Chinese lady,
To make the bait or trap for the Hmong king more easy.
They have lured this lady into the Hmong peoples place,
Now all the Chinese have to do is wait for their plan to over take.
The Hmong king instantly fall in love with this Chinese woman,
Soon there was time when they are alone and she had to get on her role to kill him.
The Hmong was out rage and war has to be continue raging on,
For the Hmong, they really want revenge to be done.
They fought hard for what the Chinese have done and the king they have lost,
But with the few men they have and the strength they have, its going to be a big cost.
The war was fought for more days, months, and year,
So finally this warís end have become near.
All the Hmong can do is hide up in the mountains and jungle,
As if they have lost their land and there was no where to go.
This is one war the Hmong people have never won at all,
Because this is the war that started the Hmong to fall.
Now the Hmong people are almost wipe out,
So for the clan leader they really have to run down south.
Some of the older ones argue and donít want to agree,
Some choose to stay behind and become friends with the Chinese,
While others would rather head for the far east.
Those that stayed behind have suffer worst cost,
The Chinese lied and have execute most of them for their lost.
From there on the Chinese have calling the Hmong ďMeow,Ē
And also give the Hmong a curse without a doubt.
The curse was that since we Hmong never loved each other,
The rich will cheat the poor, the smart will take advantage of the dumb, and that is to go on forever.
From there on, the curse is more to say that for millions of years we will never have a king,
Cause we abuse ours by wanting beautiful lady and thatís only a thing to be a shame.
Thatís probably the reason why so many Hmong man want more than one wife,
The curse is still upon the Hmong people and they never know how to think twice.

All those Hmong who have run the other away,
If there are any dead one along the way, there is always a price to pay.
They would burry the dead like the Chinese with dirt just on top of the body,
That will make the Chinese disturbed their rest and dig their grave like dirty.
The Chinese will fallow the Hmong and do that to every grave they found,
Knowing that those are not their own ground.
In order to be safe for the Hmong people that are dead,
They have think of something out of their head.
They have decided to dig the ground deep to burry the dead to rest,
From there on there was no Chinese to be on their resting people that away have past.

For those Hmong who have decides to head for the south,
Their luck was a little better cause they have found what today is called Laos.
But for them this is not a so call easy way,
They were challenge by the Laos people in order to have a stay.
The challenge was if they can hit an arrow and stick it on the rocky mountain,
Than for that the Laos people will accept them.
The Hmong have won the challenge by cheat,
A small amount of the land near the mountain was theirs to keep.
By cheating, they put black opium on the tip of their arrow,
So it will stick on the rocky mountain without no sorrow.
Thatís why they have called the land they have won ďStick MountainĒ(Los Tsuas)
Cause thatís what they have done to be there living.
From there the Laos people have change their name from Meow to ďHmong,Ē
Making sure the Hmong peopleís life will live for long.
So the Chinese people canít find them anymore,
To the Hmong, this is a gift of the start of a new opening door.

Those Hmong who decided argue and went the other way to the east,
Their challenge was hard and not knowing what they will meet.
Afraid of the Chinese they keep on running,
Not knowing what is going to happen.
Their journey was long and harsh,
But without stopping, to keep on the moving push.
They have came to cross something they have never know,
That they cross was the ďIce bridgeĒ and made it across the ocean somehow.
These Hmong were to say to become what today those people called ďEskimos,Ē
But living in that icy place for some of them is a no go.
So some of them decided to head south from there,
Soon these people come to a land of free that appear.
These people are to be called Indians today,
Maybe thatís really how Indians come to play.
No matter what they become, curse was still within them,
Thinking that peace is now as they seem.
Some jealousy of a lot wanting to become the leaders,
So some become different clan from the others.
Yet they still rage war against one another,
Thatís what leads the curse to be even more forever.

This curse will not go away until Hmong people have come to redeem their mistake,
Making the word Hmong see as those people who learn to take.
Hmong have to act towards one another with love and care,
So that someday their real home land may appear.
Since the rich will never have the love for the poor,
The poor will have to learn to love the rich and open for them , their door.
The smart always have out smarted and cheated the dumb people,
But the dumb will have to think of it as a great lesson they learned and have gamble.
For all the Hmong people to come as one together,
Not to be hurting or stealing from one another.
They have to redeem their mistakes of knowing that a lot of wife is as good as having one wife,
Just have to learn the real meaning of living this wonderful life.
So there for someday the word Hmong people is not to cause or be a shame,
Letting other cultures know that Hmong people also know how to play the life game.

Over all this is how us Hmong become in the first place,
Donít take my words for it cause its only something I happen to study and ace.
About the Hmong past I donít have any idea and never really truly know,
But if I were to know, I would really love to explain and show.
Mainly this is the end of my chapter one,
The war that the Hmong people have never won.

Chapter Two
ďThe war that changes everything breakthroughĒ

Moving on, moving on,
The story is just starting to get fun.

In Laos the Hmong have lived a peaceful life full with happiness,
But a life like that can never go on for endless.
Soon out of no where the Hmong people was ask into a war they have never know.
As if their history has repeated itself as a shadow.
Knowing nothing less or nothing more,
The war was named the gorilla war or also known as the ď Vietnam War.Ē
It was name like that cause the war was fought in a lot of jungle,
Also the Vietnamese was the name of the war against the people.
The President of the United State of America have made a promise to keep,
This is a promise that does not come cheap.
He had told General Vang Pao to fight the Vietnamese with his man along side,
The General was offer a promise and have to agree and had decide.
The Hmong have agree to fight the war against the Vietnamese,
In order to bring the Hmong people a little bit more peace.
The promise the President had made was that if the war was lost,
No matter what was the outcome of the cost.
He will let and bring the Hmong people into the land of the free,
So that was one thing from the beginning that both the general and the President have agree.

For the Hmong people, the war that changes everything has begin,
It was a terrible war and a long way till this war is going to come to its end.
The year the war take place was in nineteen seventy five (1975),
That was the one war that have cost the Hmong peoples to loose so many lives.
History has once again repeated itself,
This is what the Hmong people get for wanting to help.
No matter how much they have to sacrifice, they never back out,
Cause it was from the beginning that they have chosen this route.
So far for the Hmong, this has been the most deadly war,
Its nothing like they have imagine and can keep up with the score.
For them, it better to be dead than capture,
When capture the punishment is a life torture.
Some will get burry alive with only their heads out of the ground,
Their head than will get hit or pure gas or oil all around.
Next thing they know what is going to happen,
There is fire on their head and without any moving hand and feet, they canít do nothing.
They will get burn like this while being alive,
For just protecting their country and doing their job , its something they have derive.
For they young ladies and women things are going to be as bad,
For them, its like a horrible dream they canít get out of that they had.
Those in the village will get rape, torture, kill, and houses were put on fire,
This was the Vietnams doing and what they have desire.
For those woman who chose to hide or run to fight back,
For most of them, their luck will turn on the wrong track.
If they are capture, theyíll get torture and rape and than kill crucially,
Being taken as a hostage for them is less likely.
Some of them will get kill by cutting their chest off or cut open their stomach with guts coming out,
Thereís nothing no one can do to prevent this to help.

After the war has no more control and breaks out,
The Hmong peoples life was to live without a doubt.
The war against the Vietnamese was to become a loser,
The American people run their butts of like cowards.
Leaving our Hmong peoples behind to take the throw,
With tears in their eyes and bloods in their heart filled with sorrow.
Being punished and hunted down like nothing more than an animal,
Not forgetting that this is not their cause and not their battle.

Its not Hmong peoples fault that they are afraid to die,
So all they can do is try to run and look for places to hide.
They were hunted like animals and are running toward extinction,
What can you expect from something like this to happen.
The Laos will lie that the country is now safe,
Tricking the hiding Hmong to come out of before its too late.
Most of them are even tricked to come out of hiding and than were being slaughter,
Making the rest of the remaining ones in hiding scared to come out and suffer.
Betrayed by the Laos people,
There was like no other way for the Hmong people to go.
The women are raped by force and to be use as sex slaves,
For the Laos government, this is just a funny game of plays.
The Hmong men were killed and never seen their family,
Leaving their wife and children behind to be torture by the Laos soldiers harmfully.
Some of the man that made it back were use as baits to get the rest,
They donít have a choice but to do as told or will be kill and arrest.

I know this chapter is a bit short,
But seems like I donít got any more history of Hmong to write this story report.
This section is just what I have spell out and may not be a fact,
There are things I just share that might not even be correct.
Donít take my words for it and donít believe in my text,
I donít really know all the true story of the Hmong people and what always come next.
These are not word that came out of my own mouth,
More likely these are the words I think and come to thought out.
Correct me if anyone may,
Cause this story may not be true like I want to say.
For what I was trying to say is that this is the war that changes everything that breaks through,
This brings the end of my own opinion in chapter two.

Note: Working on chapter three


It's better to dream of you. Than to live without you.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2009 11:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Did you really write this from your knowledge? or are you copying from a book?
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Some more poems f...
Hmong History Poem
What can bring lo...

PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Cherubic_Lady wrote:
Did you really write this from your knowledge? or are you copying from a book?

i really do write still think i'm a kid?..keke... i was bored yesterday..didn't sleep so i write it i said.....its just my opinion....just don't think what i write is true..its only text.......its full of lies....just pretend its just words...nothing more than just a thing to read to past some time....


It's better to dream of you. Than to live without you.
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